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New Wreckertown Citizens

Two more citizens have been added to the ever-growing Wreckertown population. They are Daffy Duck and Shamu. Both have joined the Wreaks.

Daffy is also known as "Spike." We decided not to interview him as his name should give you a pretty good understanding of his personality.

Shamu is a killer whale. He has one of those faces that make people "crack up." The only other thing that can be said is that his portable septic tank accidentally got globs of wax on it.

As you can probably tell, this ad was not well-researched. We didn't want to ruin our reputation.

Adrian Dantly Goes Punk

Adrian Dantly, the comedian, has taken on a new life style. He is now a anti-social punk, complete with mohawk. Now he can only be seen at baseball games, off in a deserted section of stands all by himself.

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