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Henry Chosen as Joeytown Rep. on San Diego Vacation

Wreckertown and Frogtown still undecided

JOEYTOWN -- Shortly after their reunion a few days ago, the Joeys picked their representative for the San Diego trip scheduled to begin on Sunday. A 4-coin toss was used to create 16 possible outcomes: there were 15 Joeys present, thus making one extra outcome that was dubbed to be "no one goes" or "free for all." Henry was chosen by a tales-tales-heads-tales combination. When asked how he felt about going on the trip, he replied, "It will be a great opportunity for me, after all I am one of the most inactive Joeytown residents. Then again, being the most active Joeytown resident isn't saying much. Anyway, I hope I get a glimpse of life in the fast lane."

Adrian Dantly Reported Missing

FROGTOWN -- An underground source reported that the famous and well-liked comedian, Adrian Dantly, is either dead or missing. Experts have not yet confirmed the report, but are expecting the worst. The source said that while he was visiting Frogtown, he went into a record store and blah blah blah blah blah and heard that blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah and blah.

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Wrecker Declares War on Joeytown

WRECKERTOWN -- Today the infamous Wreckertown mayor promised a long and bloody war against the Joeys. I [will finish the Joeys once and for all. I will not rest until every Joey has been wiped off this planet. I] am [confident that I shall win this final battle. After they are destroyed, everything will be] okay", Wrecker told reporters.

Ancient Carving of Sanna and Todd found in Wrecker Sierras

WRECKERTOWN -- Wreckertown scientists say that the ancient kangaroos may have made it. They say that lots of kangaroos may have looked like Sanna an Todd and may have also been called Sanna or Todd. Another possibility is that Todd was just playing one day and carved it into the rock. Another theory is that Sanna farted and shook some rock loose and made the rock look like Sanna and Todd. Even if that is the case, Wrecker is really happy that Wreckertown has some history of its own, and he hopes to have more history. Soon Wreckertown will have a museum where The Sanna and Todd Rock Sculpture will be on display.

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