Paddington is a player for the Joeys (Baseball) and the Joeys (Football). He is also owns and operates Paddington Beer.

Paddington FAQ

Q: Why is he called Paddington? He sure doesn't look like a Paddington Bear.
A: That's because he lost his yellow hat and his blue coat. He is indeed a Paddington Bear.

Q: What does it say on his sweater?
A: "Be my bear."

Q: Are you sure he's a Paddington?
A: Trust us, he's a Paddington Bear. He came from Darkest Peru and he loves marmalade.

Q: Is he always so serious?
A: Yes. Paddington is a very serious bear.

Q: Isn't Paddington a citizen of Wreckertown?
A: How did you... ? I mean, uh... Paddington did live in Wreckertown, but he moved to Joeytown at a young age.

Q: "Moved?" Wrecker told me that Paddington was abducted from Wreckertown by Joey.
A: Next question.

Q: You know, he really doesn't look like a Paddington...
A: Look, he's a Paddington, OK? Here's a picture of him with his hat:


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